Info on the free domains used


Info on the free domains used

This service is provided for test purposes and free of charge, there is no guarantee of constant availability, in particular not for the usability of the domains.

For the mailboxes we use the free domains of the provider Freenom.

In the case of free domains, the general terms and conditions reserve the right to deactivate domains, hand them over to other customers, activate and deactivate their own content and make other changes at their own discretion. The provider also makes use of this right, so that the mailboxes cannot be used over the long term. On the one hand, this has the advantage that the domains do not end up in blacklists as often due to the rotation, but also the disadvantage that mail delivery is not possible permanently - so do not use the addresses for permanent applications such as customer accounts (please also note the information on Public visibility of the mails).

The domain is a fixed domain and there are no plans to deactivate it.